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Great Danes. Gentle Giants.

People are often amazed - and sometimes even frightened - by the sheer size of our Great Danes, but all we see are gentle giants looking for love. We would love to help you find your next gentle giant and make them part of your family!

Meet our Danes.

Our Great Danes enjoy access to high-protein diets, daily exercise, and 4 acres of land to explore. All of our puppies are either AKC or CKC registered and come from strong pedigreed blood lines. Puppies are coming soon (Spring 2022)! Contact us today to reserve your gentle giant now. Call or text us at 260-307-2126. Or send us an e-mail at

Meet our Family.


Hi! We are Wendy and Preston and are the owners and operators of River Road Danes. We provide a variety of adorable Great Danes including fawn, harlequin, brindle, black and brindlequin. We raise and care for our dogs on our homestead so they are always cared for and provided with important attention each day.


We love our gentle giants and also love to see our kids build relationships with our dogs and puppies. Our kids help us feed our dogs, clean the pens, exercise with the dogs, and provide lots of love and affection which helps teach our kids responsibility and the value of hard work.  We are just a small family, from a small town raising really big dogs!

Thanks for visiting our website.
- Wendy, Preston and Kids

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